About Us

DENIMS, Everyone's favourite and everyday companion.

Founded in 2017, THERE! is the result of many modulations and ideas jumping out of the box. 

At THERE!, authenticity is the most valuable player. We are all for embracing dramatically different energies & are strictly against clones. That's why we make clothing using the most raw and authentic fabric in the world - Denim in small batches for a limited few. 

The very antithesis of fast fashion, our clothes celebrate the individual before their attire. Denim is our choice of ally for its ability to become whatever it's wearer wants it to be, in that exact moment.

Your confidant on cold nights in the form of an ever-reliant jacket. Your go-to skirt when the boss hollers you for an after-work party. That little black dress you want to wear for the third date?

That's actually Denim. 

Equally as cozy, two times more elevated - THERE! adds significant flourishes to denim. An innate love for vintage guides us in this endeavour.

 There!, You Own It.